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This fully animated Freecell game features 3 Leaderboards (Highest Score, Most Wins and Fastest Time) and over 30 Achievements! Post your winning scores and times for everyone to see! Game play is similar to the classic Freecell game we all know from the early days of computing. Small install size (< 4MB) takes up very little space on your device.Objective of the game is to build foundations by suit in ascending order. The Foundations are denoted by "A"s.
Simply tap a card to move it. If it can go onto onto a Foundation, it will move there. Otherwise it will move to a Freecell or a free tableau position. In the Tableau, cards must be arranged in descending order and in an alternating red/black order.
Multicard moves are known as "supermoves". You may move several cards at a time if there are enough free cells and/or open tableau columns open. In general, if no columns are open in the tableau, you may move one more card than you have freecells. For example, with one freecell empty you may more 2 cards at once. If there are open columns available, this number doubles, except if the open column is being moved to, in which case it does not count.
We hope you enjoy EverydayGames Apps Freecell and please post your scores and achievements for your friends to see!